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DANATEL ENGINEERING Co. - the designer & manufacturer of telecom test & measurement instruments and cable fault locators.

DANATEL 965DSP/A Multifunction Cable Fault Locator

DANATEL 965DSP/A multifunction cable fault locator integrates the functionalities of a number of standalone locators & instruments into a single one with digital technology and high performance. It has been designed using modern digital techniques according to the requirements of telecom specialists & operators. It can diagnose the loop for type of fault and exactly locate the fault. It displays distance to fault for resistance faults (short, ground, cross and battery-cross), Opens (complete open, partially open and dirty open) and Splits up to 50 Km. It uses bridge technique for accurate locating of resistance faults (light shorts or solid shorts) and there is not required any manual null adjustment of the bridge circuit because it is done by the instrument software automatically.
  It also integrates signal generator functions, insulation resistance measurement up to 10 GOhm ,resistance unbalance of the subscriber pair and loop ohm measurements and telephone set functionality. It can also measure DC or AC voltages on the pairs up to 300V ,loop current, shield ohm with an special technique for compensating voltage differences normally found on two ends of  the shield. It knows standard cable types (including AIR CORE & JELLY FILLED) and various gauges used in the telecom industry. Also, other non-standard cable types and gauges are acceptable with "calibrate to cable" menu command or user data entry for cable characteristics. Finally, It is rugged and weighs less than 2kg.

(Multifunction Cable Fault Locator)



  • DC/AC voltage measurement until 300V.
  • Loop current measurement.
  • Insulation resistance measurement until 10GOhm.
  • Pair conductor resistance difference and loop resistance measurement(resistance unbalance in %).
  • Opens fault locate (partially open ,dirty open ,complete open).
  • Resistance fault locate(fault resistance can be until 20MOhms high).
  • Split fault locate.
  • Ohm to distance conversion for standard gauges and others.
  • Strap check with loop resistance indication & sonic alarm.
  • Cable shield fault locate.
  • Shield ohm measurement with special technique(some measurements & calculations).
  • Tone generation(ID tone & sine wave with selectable frequencies).
  • Cable discrimination & identification function with optional accessories.
  • Telephone set functionality with redial.
  • Self-calibration function.
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries(25 hours of operation between charges).
  • Display backlight for dark environments(automatic turn off for battery charge saving).
  • User-friendly and easy operation.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Rugged aluminum die cast case(with 6mm thickness).
  • Lightweight(less than 2kg) and portable.
  • One year guaranty and 10 year technical support.



(Multifunction Cable Fault Locator)