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Cable Fault Indicator(Pair checker) - CFI8207


This test set is used for checking existence of discontinuities ,splits and short faults on pairs of telecom multi-pair cables. There are two units ,named transmit unit & receive unit ,with two headsets. Two technicians  at the ends of the cable work together to find these faults. They begin at first pair and continue to the last in a synchronized manner. When they notice a fault they remark it for later use. This test set is useful for installation phases of multi-pair cables.


  • Multi-pair telecom cable installation test
  • Each unit has an appropriate headset
  • Provides bi way voice communication between two ends
  • No need of active line for voice communication
  • Checks existence of discontinuity , short to ground and split faults
  • Tests will be done by probes and in high speed
  • Protection on high voltages on the pairs
  • Compact and pocket size
  • Low power consumption
  • Powered by 9V batteries
  • Easy operation
  • Appropriate carrying case
  • Low cost
  • One year guaranty and 10 year technical support


Cable Fault Indicator 
(pair checker-Tx unit)-CFI8207

Cable Fault Indicator 
(pair checker-Rx unit)-CFI8207