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Insulation tester - IT8506

IT8506 is used for measuring insulation resistances of cables ,insulation materials and electrical installations. It can measure insulation resistances up to 200,000 Mega Ohms by applying a nominal test voltage. Test voltage is adjustable to 100V , 250V or 500V. It do'es not require any external power supply to be operated, because it uses rechargeable batteries inside the unit.  The best measurement range is selected automatically by the instrument according to the measured value and there is not any need to operator adjustment. The measurement speed is high and because of digital display ,there is no reading errors by operator. The tester is lightweight , handheld and portable. It has an appropriate carrying case.


  • Insulation measurement up to 200,000 Mega Ohms
  • Test voltage adjustable to 100V ,250V or 500V
  • Automatic discharge of  line voltage after test to prevent electrical shock to operator
  • Short circuit current from 1mA to 2mA
  • Automatic range selection
  • Insulation resistance displayed digitally and as bargraph
  • DC/AC voltage measurement
  • Powered by Ni-MH rechargeable batteries(25 hours of operation between charges)
  • Display backlight for dark environments
  • User-friendly and easy operation
  • Lightweight , handheld and portable
  • Appropriate carrying case
  • One year guaranty and 10 year technical support


insulation tester - IT8506


  • Insulation measurement of cables
  • Isolation & leakage tests in electrical installations(electromotors & power generators)
  • Laboratories for research of insulation materials(ε0)