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Crane Wireless Remote Control - RC8702


Using this control system , operator can control the movement of crane remotely in three directions without any control cable. The control commands are transmitted over a radio frequency channel to receiver unit to control the crane motors. The most important advantage of using this system is immunity of operator and being free for movements at the same time that controls the crane movement.

Features:Crane Wireless Remote Control - RC8702

  • Operator immunity and being free for movements
  • Movement control at three axes at the same time
  • Emergency stop system
  • Programmable delays possible for sudden movement direction changes to reduce gearbox damages
  • Remote control of peripheral equipments like lamps or magnets with AUX1/AUX2 outputs
  • Programmable parameters for control system
  • Very low power electronic design
  • Different configurations possible:
    • one control unit for many cranes
    • many control units for one crane
    • many control units for many cranes
  • No interference between cranes controls because every crane system use a different frequency channel
  • Control range up to 200 m without external antenna
  • One year guaranty and 10 year technical support